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Morning Thief Chap 23 Bowling For Dollars

Morning Thief Chapter 23 Bowling for dollars


We found ourselves at a bowling alley that was having a border bowl tournament. This meant that there would be a lot of beer drunk bowlers from four states looking to get lucky. How fortunate for them that I brought a caper load of lucky with me




Morning Thief Chapter 24 To Topeka or not to Topeka

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This promo clip defines the adult Lil' Man and the transitiion that he has gone through over the years of working for Mr. Black Charlie - 

Morning Thief A Podcast Novel is about redemption, understanding how a man that is a child can find the man within.  

Morning Thief A Podcast Novel is about transcending a life that is tombed in spiritual and moral failure.  

Morning Thief A Podcast Novel is about the urban struggle that some children dont survive to become adults ...
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Morning Thief Chap 22 - Into Reality


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The story so far: Lil’ Man recently purchased an RV for his scheduled unscheduled road trip to Las Vegas. In the process of getting the camper Lil’ Man met Harry and his wife. They are the ...
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Morning Thief Chap 21 Prologue Out The Door

Lil' man has returned from his trip to the Navy Base turning out a few Night Owls using Belinda as the bargaining chip to assure their return. Little man for the first time has had to be a real hard nose pimp and force his will upon the Night Owls. To his surprise with great success.

Lil' Man understands how Belinda has made it this far in her life but he is perplexed as to how everyone falls for ...

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Music of Morning Thief Vol Zero

HMusic is a constant theme in the Morning Thief story in someways it is a character of the story.  Volume Zero carries the sentiment and feelings of the early chapters of the story.  All of the songs correlate to events leading up to  Chapter 17.  More music will be added at (US) Thanksgiving.  Look forward to Volume Zero Point Zero One  

Humanity ...

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Morning Thief Chap 20 Live Fools

Lil' Man is beginning to understand the phrase "Where ever you go there you are." 

Lil' Man has been running errands all day his final one was to the RV store for a home on wheels.  He finds out that Belinda is auditioning for Queen - and she is making her own job desrciption up as she goes along.  Her suggestions of how things should go in Lil' Mans world are interesting because they all lead to leaving her behind.  

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Morning Thief Chap 19 c Dead Girls, Live Fools

"Dontcha you know you cant trust a hoe?"

Morning Thief is written and performed for a mature audience - All material is considered to be RATED R - for sex, violence, strong language, misogynistic comments  and may contain severe amounts ...
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Morning Thief Chap 19 b Dead Girls

INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES The Night Owls are in rare form as they hunt like lioness' on the African plains.  Carlita is still dead and McGeehee is investigating if it is Clemmy or someone else.   

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Morning Thief Chap 19 a Dead Girls

Carlita is enjoying her morning coffee....

In this episode of Morning Thief we weicome the Woman In Red joining 6 (senses) Deep The Messenger on bring the story to life.  

We follow Lil’ Man as he bring business back to life after the murder of Carlita.   Enjoy listening to Chapter 19 PT 1 ...

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Morning Thief Chap 18 Angels and Devils (conclusion from Chap 17)

Angels come in many forms and for many reasons: they come to protect, they come to comfort, they come to deliver a message some angels come to avenge, and finally sometimes they come to bear witness to what has occurred. 





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Morning Thief Chapter 17 - Truth & Lies, Angels & Devils

Hope that you enjoyed Chapter 16 Heyson Reed Then And Now.  

With that behind us we will be turning our focus to Lil' Man as he begins to take over Black Charlie's empire it's all about how much game you got -  

After the shootout at the cleaners Heyson Reed is hailed as a hero.  McGeehee is in a position to write her own ticket to ...
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Morning Thief Chap 16 Heyson Reed: Then and Now

Go with us through a single yet unforgettable trip to the deep South prior to desegregation, when share-cropping was good work for illiterate Colored folk that knew their place and how to stay in it.<< MORE >>

Morning Thief Chap 15 Aftermath & Triumph


Lil’ Man narrowly escaped being framed for the murder of one of the pigs he slopped, only to find that the cops pinned it on a homeless man. In response to this Lil’ Man has taken the advice of Momma Teal and started a defense fund for the homeless man. In doing so Lil’ Man has stumbled into some not so low level politics and he has handled himself very well but he is not out of the woods yet. ...

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Morning Thief Chap 14 The New Kid, The Uninvited Guest and Ronnetta

The Schmuck from the Northside had Officer Friendly in his back ...

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Morning Thief Chap 13 - The Defense Fund

We have seen Lil' Man grow and become the leader that he is.  He has been making new friends and Alderman Evers and the Mayor among them....  

The commercce of hustling to make a dollar was just opening.  I am sure if I would have came through here after 11 I would have ran into the ...
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Morning Thief Chap 12 - Introduction to Chicago Politics 101

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Morning Thief Chap 11 - A Little Doris Story

Thank you for lostening to Morning Thief - We do appreciate all of you - 

This chapter chronicles what happened to the neighbor Doris - it is a reminder that everything happens for a reason - 

As always Morning Thief is read by Elijah Muied.  Written by Thinkingcaveman 
Music for Morning Thief is generously provided by Miz ...
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Chap 10 - Motor Grease

Looking out of the office window, I was facing the TV, not really paying attention to what the TV was talking to me about.   I was somewhat more interested in the El Dog that Dee Dee was working on trying to dispatch it to a new home and owner.   It was Ten o’clock the news was coming on.   That was the nice thing about Indiana, it’s a suburb of Chicago.  

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Morning Thief Chap 9 - Slopping The Pigs

I was walking on my own. I was a half a block away from the cleaners and it dawned on me; I met each and every one of them in front of the cleaners. I guess it was a subtle way of saying to Black Charlie that he was being taken to the cleaners.   

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